love you

f you bring me coffee without having to ask, then I love you


Squirrels on coffee. UH OH

Beans Off

I can just tell that today is one of those days when my coffee is gonna have to work its BEANS off.


Caution - Caffeine deprived and dangerous when provoked - No sudden movements


went without caffeine once it was terrible

not enough

Not sure if headache is from too much coffee or not enough


I want to KI__ you. Options vary depending on whether I've had coffee.

twelfth cup

Caffeine there's nothing like that twelfth cup of coffee in the morning


Grace Love Hope & Good Coffee


Drown your troubled - in - coffee

Helps Me

Coffee Helps me become the morning person that I am not.


I know how to cure my coffee withdrawal more coffee

only need

I only need coffee on days that involve waking up and talking to people


Coffee keeps me busy until its acceptable to drink wine.


There is a time and place for decaf coffee Never and the GARBAGE


I don't have a problem with caffeine I have a problem without it

Why coffee

Why I drink coffee in the morning