Coffee keeps me busy until its acceptable to drink wine.

Must Have

Must Have Coffee!


went without caffeine once it was terrible


Warning: Please do not talk or stand near until human is fully caffeinated. In the event that no coffee can be found, Please follow these steps to safety: 1) run for your life c) Don't look back


I want to KI__ you. Options vary depending on whether I've had coffee.


Warning - Coffee lovers only All others will be roasted

Why coffee

Why I drink coffee in the morning

I Own You

I Own You

I drink it

My favorite coffee in the morning is the one where no one talks to me while i drink it.

Helps Me

Coffee Helps me become the morning person that I am not.


Nothing makes sense before Coffee

Court Date

I tried starting my day once without coffee once... My court date is pending

some mo

You kill the Joe you make some MO!

Wake Up

Wake Up! it's coffee time!


Warning Do Not Irritate *Especially Before Coffee*

not enough

Not sure if headache is from too much coffee or not enough


How I would get kidnapped


Where's all the coffee? We were mugged!