love you

f you bring me coffee without having to ask, then I love you

sweet as love

Black as hell strong as death sweet as love

I drink it

My favorite coffee in the morning is the one where no one talks to me while i drink it.

Most Important

Coffee ~ The Most Important Meal Of The Day!!

Alarm Clock

Why hasn't someone invented an alarm clock that just hands you a cup pf coffee?


How to be happy : Coffee

Good Morning

Good Morning


I'm Not Always Grumpy But When I am it's Before my Coffee


Caution - Caffeine deprived and dangerous when provoked - No sudden movements

Multiple Cups

Multiple Cups

Helps Me

Coffee Helps me become the morning person that I am not.

Before After

Before Coffee... After Coffee....

Someone say

Did someone say Coffee??

Beans Off

I can just tell that today is one of those days when my coffee is gonna have to work its BEANS off.

rolled out

I rolled out of my facebook grabbed a hot cup of bed and logged on to my coffee. Its the start to a great day!


coffee and friends make the best memories

Need Coffee

Need... Coffee... Here...

No Pulse

Still No Pulse Yet... More Coffee Please!

Size matters

Of course Size Matters Nobody wants a small cup of coffee

Coffee Addict

Coffee Addict Parking Only Violators will be creamed